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  • How to spot passworded files

How to spot passworded files

There are several ways how to spot passworded files in order to avoid wasting time on tracing a password, or finding yourself downloading another file from another poster.
Don't even think about wasting your time on the internet surveys you are directed to. They make you loiter in their surveys, making money over it. And eventually you leave without having your password.

These methods have proven themselves effective:

  • Make a habit of downloading from the same submitter in the same group.
  • Always pick the earliest posted file. Passworded crap is often made of these files.
  • Download the first rar of the package, and open it with winrar. If there's a rar file inside, then it's most likely passworded. Genuine uploaders don't pack their files twice.
  • A lot of passworded files have extensions like .part1.rar, rather than the good old .r01.rar extensions.

But shit happens, and if you still got yourself a passworded file, use our password database to track your password down.

If you still then are unable to find your password, try using a dictionary attack on the passworded rar file. Don't waste your time on bruteforcing the rar.
Most passwords are 5 or more digits long, decrypting a password that length will consume so much of your time that redownloading the file will most definitely be quicker.

Even dictionary attacks on rar files bigger than a couple of hundred megabytes take time. Use our distinctive database password file as dictionary file in your favorite rar password cracking tool. The most used passwords will be on top of the list. So these passwords will be used first during the decryption.

We recommend 'Rar Password Recovery Easy'. All other tools we have tried out seemed to be either too slow in decrypting large sized passworded rars, or simply failed recognizing the password at all.

Important! Update on how to spot passworded files!

October 23th 2010

The people responsible for the passworded files have switched over to a new method or techinique to keep us from spotting passworded files. All methods on how to spot passworded files (see above) are still valid, except for the method that says to check the first rar file and see if there's another rar file inside. From now on this method will not work any longer because they have changed the file extension of the rar file to the corresponding video file to make it look like a real video file. So how exactly does this work?

  1. We first start downloading our first tv show rar files:
  2. Then when we open the first rar file we see that it seems that the file is a valid video file.
    Where we previously would see the rar file type:
  3. It's only after we have downloaded all the rar files we see the 'click here for password' url, a batch file to automatically rename the file extension, and a link to an online survey that says you can get your password there. It's scam. Don't waste your time. Survey passwords can be found here.
  4. Either change the video file extension to rar yourself (press alt -> tools -> folder options -> view tab -> uncheck hide extensions for known file types) or click on the batch file that comes with it.
  5. Now open the rar file, drag the video file to a folder and enter the corresponding password.

They invented this new technique because they know we are on to them and they're trying to stop us from providing you passwords. Although spotting passworded files might be a lot harder now, it won't stop us from providing you your passwords.

Keep enjoying your shows! And keep requesting and submitting passwords. It's of great help for us and others.

Greetings and our thanks to 'Guy Smiley'.